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2019 Railway Auxiliary Power Systems

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Wah Hing has successfully customized magnetic devices and components such as dry-type transformer, iron core reactor, shell type air core reactor, air core reactor, high-power high-frequency transformer, high-frequency inductor, etc. for the rail transit industry, and has been successfully applied in the auxiliary converter system and charger system of electric locomotive traction, subway, LRV (low floor light rail car), etc. 

 The converter set in the main traction circuit on electric locomotive and other locomotives installed with electric drive device. The function of traction converter is to convert the electric energy between DC system and AC system, and to control and adjust various traction motors, so as to control the operation of locomotive. 

 The main functional units include AC DC rectifier, DC DC converter, DC AC converter, charger, etc., which are mainly applied to DC electric locomotive, EMU, Metro, LRV (light rail) vehicles.