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20MW Wind Energy Converter System Solution

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Wah Hing has solved wind power convert problem. The air-cooled and water-cooled reactors and distribution transformers designed and produced by Huaxing Electric are widely used in doubly fed and direct drive wind power converter systems, widely used in the industry, and recognized by many well-known customers at home and abroad. 

As a kind of clean and renewable energy, wind energy is paid more and more attention by all countries in the world. China is rich in wind energy resources. In recent years, national policies have also vigorously supported the wind power industry. 

The wind power converter adopts three-phase voltage type AC-DC-AC bidirectional converter technology, the core control adopts "double DSP full digital controller" with fast floating-point operation ability; the stator field oriented vector control strategy is realized in the rotor side converter of the generator, and the grid voltage oriented vector control strategy is realized in the grid side converter; the system has adjustable input and output power factors Automatic soft grid connection and maximum power point tracking control function.