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350MVA Three-Phase Transformer Project

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SZ11 10kV load volatge regulating 3 phase oil type transfomer

The SZ11 three-phase oil-immersed power transformers series are adapted to 10KV, 50HZ transmission and distribution systems, can be used in industrial and mining enterprises and rural power transmission and distribution lines. The products are long lasting and the quality is reliable. The cover and rim of the tank adopt bolted or welded structure. It cut off the contact with oil and air and greatly reduce the insulation aging rate and extend the service life. The design structure is compact. By using new materials and new technology, the noise is reduced. The product appearance is attractive, the technical and economic indicators are advanced.

Operating condition
Working Environment:ambient temperature 40, Min. temperature -25(for outdoor use).
The highest annual average temperature of the minimum temperature -25 °C +20 °C

(Please contact us if the installation is beyond the normal use)



SZ11 transformer is a new three-phase oil-immersed transformer with a capacity of 200-2500 KVA and frequency of 50 Hz.
2. The iron core is made up of high-quality cold-rolled silicon steel sheet.
3. The high voltage winding adopts multi-cylinder type or cake-type structure, thus improves the impact distribution of the winding.
4. The low voltage winding with the capacity of 200 to 2500KVA adopts drum-type or spiral structure. The mechanical strength is high, the distribution of ampere-turns is balanced, the ability to withstand short circuit is powerful.
6. The machine adds to the positioning mechanism, so it will not produce displacement during transport. Meanwhile, all the fasteners assemble fastening nuts. It ensures the fasteners will not loose in the long-running process.
7. The surface of the product spray primer after degreasing, derusting and phosphating treatment, so it can satisfy the special requirements of metallurgy, petrochemical systems and wet -filthy areas.
8. Long service time and reliable quality.
9. Compact design, new material and technology, noise reducing.